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Ukraine Appeal Update 9

A busy day here at Trust House, we are preparing the Humanitarian aid cargo and sorting our equipment out. Please keep the aid coming in: laundered as-new only warm clothing, dry foods, cup soups Blankets, new hot water bottles, vacuum flasks. For our UK supporters like us you will be feeling the temperature drop as we get into winter. However for many of our fellow European families they are facing the prospect of no home to live in. Little or no food, no water, no vital services such as heating or electricity. We need to act now. Only by working now can we save lives being lost. Once we deliver, we want to be able to come back and keep returning. Working withing the Humanitarian aid world we are able to achieve something extra ordinary because we are working closely with those on the front line. Lots of large charities have offices, paid employees, staff cars, CEOs on 6 figure salaries. They do so much for the global Humanitarian aid. We would be a lot worse without them, however we differ. Where we differ is that our patron lived with a simple Ideal. No person shall prosper from the misfortunes of the world's children. We hold true to that. Everyone of the Trustees, directors, chairman are unpaid volunteers. This means that without super overheads, £50,000 worth of aid is £50,000 worth of aid. It doesn't have to mean raising 2 million pounds in order to find that £50,000 cash sum of aid! By the time super charities take out expenses, sick pay, holiday pay, fundraising bonuses, pensions, office rates, administration costs, junk mail letter bombing costs they need to perhaps raise the 2 million to provide the same £50,000 level of aid. Your pound makes a pound's worth of aid. Now the aid bus is 15 years old and she's worked hard. We have just spent £1,500 on getting her ready for Ukraine. That cash did not come from your donations. It is funded privately. Please if you know of a wealthy millionaire who would donate a bigger vehicle we wouldn't turn it down, but we won't spend donations on overheads or new vehicles. Fuel needs to come from you guys. We already have a cheque donated specifically for fuel. We need more. As a small Highland Children's charity we have already achieved so much, not just at home but across continents. Equivalent to some larger charities because what we do we are not a business which has registered charity status, just a registered charity without the business, a charity which is always in the thick of where we are needed when we are needed.

The van doesn't just carry the cargo, it houses the volunteers, keeping them alive is vital for without their assistance your aid would not get placed by us into the hands of those lives who have been devastated. Lining the vehicle with reflective foil today to help stave off Ukrainian winter.


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