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Ukraine Humanitarian Trip 2022

The story begins 3yrs ago when the Children's centre was devastated when 110m of railway was washed through it causing massive destruction. As volunteers and trustees contributed to 5,000 hours of work to rebuild the property, ready for respite care, it was forced to close regardless, due to 24/7 work on the railway which dragged on for many months.

As the centre was unable to open and unable to fundraise due to rebuilding, meant we couldn't be active in fundraising.
When it became apparent that children were being killed by terror attacks in Ukraine had to get involved. We rallied the Lochaber community and after 5 weeks of explaining to folk what we wanted to do, we finished up with £12,500 pounds worth of gifted clothing food and other life saving equipment

The next task was to get it to its destination, John the Chairman, a retired Cop remains in the International Police Association. Through his Association he was able to gain access to Ukrainian authorities and authorisation to take the aid personally together with his wife Jan.

The issue was one of transport. Unable to fund a vehicle their old mot failed rust bucket needed to be breathed back to life.
Many hours of hard work lots of welding and fresh paint all done by Jan and John themselves was finally ready for the off. Over 2,500 miles in 5 days was just the beginning towing a heavy-laden trailer. Once inside war torn Ukraine, they were given a uninformed soldier's guidance each day to take lifesaving food and aid to the most desperately in need children and families.

Witnessing the most traumatic suffering first hand and while under rocket attacks they carried on exhausting their load. Only to return home desperate to get back as soon as possible, no child should be the target of terror bombing, no child should be faced with hypothermia and the prospect of losing fingers toes or other body parts from frost bite.

We once again ask the community to support  together we are helping those in need the presence of our Scottish flag with life saving aid in the heart of Ukraine. Thank you.

Newsflash: We have been provided with £5,000 of aid in 3 weeks from Blue Knights UK to help maternity wards and orphanages be able to function

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