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No keeping our Jan back

We have been a little delayed going on our 4th trip to The war zone. Jan wore out her hip. "Ok", said Jan, "let's get to the hospital". We slept in the old van in the hospital car park. The next morning, the nurse said to Jan "How far have you travelled?". "Oh, about 30 yards. We slept in the carpark".

John says, "We arrived at 7am, Jan had the operation at 8am. At 7pm,

I walked Jan to the old battle bus and we drove 120 miles home."

2 weeks later, I heard the sound of footsteps and wondered who was there. I found Jan using the "pick your knickers and socks up from the floor" tool, standing in the charity flower bed and using it to pull up weeds.

The next day, I heard a squeak squeak. No way! There she was with the large wheel barrow. I challenged her and she said, "What? It's just like a Zimmer frame!"


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