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Delhi 2021

Naturally, because of Covid-19, this has been postponed.

After working on fundraising trips from across the UK the Arctic circle, from Siberia and down into Africa, Kirsty’s Kids’ expeditions have always involved John and Eeyore on the road with Jan Bryden keeping things going from Trust house together. Scottish Blue Knights and Blue Knights across Europe who have helped in respect of fundraising and supporting John on the bike during the trips.

Until now Jan has been at helm as the person to contact by phone and has worked to keep everything running smoothly.

2017 was the last huge challenge going deep into Western Africa.

In 2020 we will be celebrating our daughter Jennies wedding and enjoying time with our surviving children. While continuing the work at Trust House with respite care families.

On 1st April 2021 Jan, Eeyore and John will this time carry out their last major endurance fundraising challenge. This time they going to attempt to travel from the West Highlands by motorbike “three up” to Delhi, India, and back un assisted. As before the roadside will be used as a bed and the verges a pillow. As always NO CHARITY CASH will be used for this trip.

Thanks for the continued support. This challenge is expected to take eight weeks of hard riding on the bike to complete.

Massive respect to Jan after 30yrs of marital bliss together, she has signed up for such a tough challenge as pillion. Together they can sort this one before getting too used to their Zimmer frames and walking sticks.

The Virgin money giving page is as always open. If you wish to support Kirsty’s Kids’ now or in the future click here or the Virgin Money giving link in the menu. Big smiles, huge thanks.

Why aren't Eeyore's Challenges run every year?

All staff at Kirsty's Kids, including Eeyore and John are volunteers. No money raised is used to fund challenges, it all goes straight to the kids. Challenges are only possible because Eeyore and John donate their own time and sponsors donate parts, equipment, accommodation and food.

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