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Trust House

We started with only three rooms available at Trust House. We have five now.


The grounds have been improved so families can find peace in quiet tranquillity in the garden.


The craft room was completed this year.


The wood craft studio, for families, will be finished by end of April.

We are now half way through the hydro care facilities, build roof going on in the next four weeks.


Child's special sound and sight sensory room will be completed by end of March.

With your help we have been able to create so many more options for kids to get involved in, creating self worth and build confidence in themselves. It has continued to be very exciting.

Remember if you know of a family with children who would benefit from a care break get in touch with us we are here to help. 

We wish to encourage referrals from other organisations such as army benevolent hospitals, from police benevolent organisations and those who care for adults with children who have suffered. We would encourage organisations to contact to talk to us about referral.  

In some circumstances we can facilitate and offer care breaks for the families who have been touched by stress disorders; perhaps a parent is currently in prison and as a result leaving a single parent family who could benefit from a care break.

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