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Ukraine Appeal Update 23

Update and urgent appeal: As the strikes take more and more infrastructure out, leaving the vulnerable with no power, heat, or water, there is a desperate need for small portable generators, (4hp petrol type) as well as thousands of torches with plenty of batteries. This is a vital resource for the welfare of the children of Ukraine. Children in this bitter winter cannot be allowed to die of the cold, they need healthy parents to survive, we help the whole family In the last 10yrs, has helped support those in need around the world, from children going to school in West Africa by providing glasses, to school support in Albania, Kirsty herself in Mozambique, as well as families and kids coming to Trust House from across the UK, including refugee families from Eastern Europe and Iraq. We continue to help where we can. This is down to the incredible support we enjoy from all who have donated and continue to do so. We are very moved by this wonderful gift from the Blue Knights, working together in support of vulnerable children and families across borders.

We have just been interviewed for Ukrainian television, the conflict has caused the most unimaginable distress for assisted needs children. This morning we were shown the worst of this, the parents of these children have often been killed, and they are now alone.

This afternoon we are providing the warm clothing which everyone so kindly donated. Tears of gratitude from a lady with young children. No heating or electricity. No money. The desperate intensity of gratitude cannot be described. Seeing the relief on the strained face of a loving mother, when given the life-saving warm socks, coats, blankets, hats, gloves hot water bottles. Is incredibly emotional thank you for allowing us to be here and providing this aid through

From myself tonight John Bryden I have to give special thanks to my sister Angela Smith. Angela has been knitting warm baby clothes for us for many months Ukrainian mothers have been hugging these beautiful baby garments and been so appreciative. Angela найбільша подяка


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