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Eeyore's Africa Challenge 2017


The Challenge


In 2017 Eeyore (the Kirsty's Kids Mascot), accompanied by his chauffeur (me), Trust Chairman John Bryden, will ride a 125cc motorcycle to and across Africa. Keeping the sea on my right shoulder to Africa. Cape town and East Africa non stop, all countries regardless of the welcome, on 10hp.

With your support I will attempt to raise £18,000.

This will be my last major motorcycle charity fundraising challenge. It will be carried out on Kirsty’s wee tiny bike. Same rules; sleep rough and be resourceful.

Why £18,000? I am going to ride Kirsty's 125cc motorbike to Capetown and back in the hope of raising £18,000 for a HexHog. "The HexHog is the ultimate off-road wheelchair offering unprecedented access to extreme terrain. This unique battery powered machine means the freedom to go places wheel chair users wouldn’t have dreamed possible - at the push of a joystick!"

A disabled user rides a HexHog
A disabled user rides a HexHog in the woods

So here is the challenge. I ask for assistance from bikers across the globe, Blue Knights, businesses and individual to support and sponsor me.

I will take Kirsty's 125cc motorbike onto the African continent. I will negotiate as many countries as possible, perhaps all of them, inside nine weeks from the West Highlands, Scotland back to the West Highlands via Cape Town.

My Moscow Challenge trip was drawn up on an old atlas the night before I left. This time I ask for charities to contact me so that I can work with them to bring this about.

In June 2013 fifteen volunteers carried Kirsty's motorbike to the summit of Ben Nevis. Only by working together were we able to achieve the seemingly impossible task. Let’s all work together for the greater good of the world’s children. Let’s make a difference.


Thanks in anticipation for your support.


John C Bryden.

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