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Ukraine Appeal Update 21

Today we went to work. The guys don't rest from the fighting when they rotate from the front - they help their citizens by working in relief aid. Their men have gone to fight, some have already been killed, the women have no income therefore no money for clothes let alone food.

Please give all you can through us but with respect. New or good quality clean and warm clothing. Putin plans to win the war by freezing and starving these wonderful genuine people. We now have an empty trailer we will be delivering this cargo all week. We are at a secret location. Working with these Military heroes in support. Glory to Ukraine. Here are some images of today, identities protected for obvious reasons.

Eeyore was busy and says he's OK to share his identity. Each of these small bags is for one family. We need to get back with another load ASAP. Help us by donating, it isn't like the junk mail you get in the post like, "some of your donation could help save a life." It is for us, "all of your donation will".

The old campaign bus and trailer are not done yet.


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