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Ukraine Appeal Update 11

We wish to thank everyone for the constant support. It has been very humbling for us to see Sally one of our latest trustees. Currently giving us her personal family time every weekend driving nearly 4hrs each way to Trust house from her family home at her and her families own expense. Sally has also been travelling round her local area drumming up support. Each time she arrives she has loaded her car with many hundreds of pounds worth of aid. We thank Craig her husband for his being by her side. This weekend we have been documenting so much of your vital aid thanks to Sally. We need a departure date which will be within the next 2 weeks. If perchance your aid arrives after, it will be utilised in the next trip. As we type this, many victims in our fellow European country Ukraine are facing death and starvation - we are not going to give up. As the chairman of Kirstys kids, I ask you to give Sally your appreciation in her stalwart devoted dedication to us.


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