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A Word from the Chairman

John Bryden is the Chair of The Kirsty Bryden Memorial Trust.

9 March 2020

Dear All.

We would like to thank everyone who stopped at our stand over the weekend to find out about our work and what they could do to help us. Take care of these families.

This weekend we were made aware of other disadvantaged children who will be able to come to us for a free Highland fun packed adventure holiday. Had we not been to the show we may not have found them.

We are so grateful to those Blue Knight motorcycle club members from around the world who have given up so much time stood by us with dedication with dignified respect in helping us year after year.

Especially Scotland's Blue Knights Chapter 2. Not only for being with us all weekend but in the previous years and setting up their own fundraising events to help us. They have become a family of friends and valued team players.

We ensure all your cash goes directly to helping these children. No person ever takes personal expenses or any income. They use personal cash to attend events and for accommodation.

Trust house is run maintained and funded by the property owners they don't take maintenance or running costs from the Trust.

Often kids devastated and in overwhelming despair have been able to come through the worst that life can offer by the support provided by

Thank you to those Blue Knights both serving or retired Police officers and the other law enforcement officers such as prison service personnel who stand fast in mutual dedicated respect in helping us not just over the weekend but in the preceding years and hopefully the years to follow.

We are often asked for vat numbers and numbers of employees in order to be eligible for facebook or Amazon listing for charity donations. As we have no paid staff and are not a VAT registered Buisiness we do not qualify.

That is ok with us we are a charity for devastated children to help them not to earn a wage. We are retired professionals.

Our patron Kirsty had a philosophy which is set in out mission Statement.

NO Person Should Ever Prosper From The Misfortunes Of The Worlds Children.

Maybe not good buisiness sense but we are not a business we are a dignified respectful group who as a registered charity volunteer to help those in serious despair, trauma, illness,injury, mental or physical health challenges.

Our goal is to help as many as we can before we are too old to carry on. Thanks for the support.

If you are thinking why do they do it for nothing? Think about people who run youth groups, people who give up time to help Scouts Guides, soup kitchens, run institutions which are unpaid positions in their spare time.

Ask them why do you do it? What drives you.

When we have a crushed devastated, traumatised child and their family at their lowest ebb arrive on our doorstep at Trust house and we have helped them to laugh and find that prescous wee smile it is the most incredible feeling. It makes us want to keep going week after week year after year. Watching despair melt away and happiness develop we hope helps understand why we all do what we do.

John C Bryden.



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