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7th February 2015

This week as Kirsty's Kids' turns up a gear we are thinking about the all important funding. A constant need for us to be able continue our work here. We are so exited to be able to take our visiting family on a very special day out to the ski slopes.

While we so often care for seriously ill children, children with short life expectancy and children with assisted needs. We can easily forget their siblings.

This is why we need to consider the whole family. Imagine being a young boy or girl whose brother or sister faces life's challenges, through conditions such as Autism to name but one of the many thousands of conditions. These conditions often challenge the entire family to the very limits of human endurance.

The child enjoys the delight of a brother or sister entering the world. However, we need to remember that this bond between the siblings will place huge pressure on the child living with their siblings condition.

The pressures come from increased responsibility, increased fear of their sibling being hurt and in the reality of a world among prejudice, bullying and ridicule the type of which we cannot imagine possible. It happens all to often that the sibling, living without life limiting illness, can themselves live with so much stress and anxiety that they themselves suffer more than their brother or sister, in fact often in complete isolation not speaking to parents or adults about how they feel.

It is essential that we organise care breaks to provide these kids the chance to talk to other like minded children. Talk about themselves without feeling guilt or fear.

In 2015 let us think about the kids who live their lives helping their siblings, or a parent who lives with a life limiting condition. I ask that we raise the bar in 2015. I ask for help to raise the cash we need to keep these care breaks running.

This week we have a fun packed agenda which includes a personal day for two siblings with a ski instructor. They will have the chance to speed on the slopes of Lochaber. They will meet our volunteers and enjoy meeting Highland wildlife.

If you are a Lochaber organisation and would like to offer the kids the chance to walk on your floor without charge please contact us. No one at Kirsty's Kids ever receives payment so your assistance would be greatly received.

John C Bryden.



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