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7 March 2016

Hi everyone. We are still beaming from the incredible response of the bike clubs at Ingliston. Club members having whip rounds and stuffing cash into paper cups. The organisers for collecting the tea and coffee donations. The respite care volunteers for baking and supporting all day. To Wee Barry for coming and surprising us with his offer to help.

We are saving hard to fund our mobility mini bus. We are now in a position to purchase our new hydrotherapy hoist and bath hoist. This isn't something which is a luxury, it is essential for us to maintain dignity and respect for the kids who need us.

Looking forward to next week and welcoming our Easter family it is going to be a really great week of sheer adventure.

Thanks to everyone who supported us at the weekend and helped us raise over £1,100 pounds.

If you ride a motor bike get in touch with us and go along to the Blue Knights Easter Egg run in aid of CHAS. Support the boys and girls in blue who like us love to support a fantastic cause, Scotland's Children's hospice.

We keep chipping away.

Apologies for the lack of email responses we have been having technical trouble with our communications. Thankfully Richard, CEO of Merula Telecom Services, has stepped in. He is going to provide us with 24/7 care on our phone line. We are so overwhelmed to be free of BT. Thank you so much Richard.

Thank you.

John C Bryden.



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