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5th March 2017

Thinking of kids today re visiting Trust House in my head. OK, hydrotherapy in place, lots of things to do, craft sheds, that's sorted. Day out trips. OK, what about just being kids?

Kids with assisted needs do awesome things, like survive. Kids looking after parents. Kids Who look after siblings. What about these kids? Kids love tree houses. They love bowling. OK, bowling's out cos wheel chairs get stuck in the grass, oh and tree houses - what kid in a wheel chair can get into a tree house!

So today, I as the chairman of Kirsty's Kids, pledge to make a fully wheelchair accessible tree house available to kids before the end of 2018.

We have already made a bowling alley this year for kids to use from wheel chairs, without sinking into the grass.

Oh, how cool to be able to roam the Scottish Highlands in a HexHog. OK dream perhaps. I am going to ride Kirsty's 125cc motorbike to Cape town and back in the hope of raising £18k for a HexHog. Keeping the sea on my right shoulder to Africa. Cape town and East Africa non stop, all countries regardless of the welcome, on 10hp.

If you can support or would like to help, contact Kirstys Kids.

We thank you see us at MCN Ingliston next weekend.

John C Bryden.



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