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50th Birthday celebration raises £500 for KirstysKids

When many of us have a 50th birthday party that huge milestone in our lives many of us focus on extravagant parties and why not it is truly worth celebrating. Often inviting lots of guests to a grand party to mark this very special occasion is right on the money It was therefore very humbling for us to realise that one very special lady reaching her 50th birthday meant an opportunity to help those less fortunate than herself. To help those in desperate need. Once again our amazing fundraising volunteer Tina known for her come dine with me for once again siezed her 50th birthday as an opportunity. Before the Hexhog was pressed into service Tina was asked to trial the all terrain vehicle which is used for kids with severely reduced mobility. Tina like a Top gear Stig soon put the vehicle through its paces and like a professional test driver It was tested to the limit. After Tina's test run it was put into service and has helped so many of our kids discover the freedom of racing on the hillside or the beach with the wind in their hair. Though living with restricted mobility, serious anxiety, mental health challenges the hexhog has proved its worth more times than we can remember. Tina, having already done so much for, came up with a cunning plan: a 50th Birthday come dine with me at the Fort William Brewers Fayre. Having had a superb birthday meal with her family and friends we had a phone call from Jan to say that her birthday celebration has raised £500.00 and this has been donated to us to be used in providing life limiting Humanitarian aid which will be personally delivered by team Tina we love you, love your constant selfless personality and all round mischievous fun. You rock. We have fresh challenges for you if you are up for the challenge - the hexhog needs some more test drives on our new site. Happy 50th babe you rock xxx big hugs from the rest of the team


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