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4th May 2015

We would like to extend our thanks to the Blue Knights around the world who support our children. Without these guys we would not be in the honourable privileged position we find ourselves in today, which allows us to help so many families here at Trust House Care Centre.

To date the Blue Knights around the globe have provided thousands of pounds, which has directly gone to help the children who so desperately need us.

Here is just one of hundreds of scenarios:

How can a single mum help her child when she is suffering from serious ill health and her child needs 24/7 care?

She can do this because of those who support us. We want to help so many more. We are not going to beg for cash or send junk mail!

We have no overheads so 0% of your donations goes on wages or office costs.

Nothing goes on CEO salary, Bentley cars or fine wine. We give everything we get for the direct support of the families who need us.

So what is so special about Fun Fundraising events here at Trust House?

It is important because those who care put this annual even in their diary and join with with us, in pure fun.

Having fun at Trust House means we raise funds for the kids by having fun.

We get to show what we do and why we are able to be overheads free.

So many people have endured so much this last four years to enable us to thrive.

From sheer endurance challenges like the triathlon super hero Nick, Iron man Mark Tinker Taylor, Motorad Scotland, Moto Scotland, NCCA The countries leading textile restorers, The American rug lovers. There are so many groups organisations and individuals to name. You know who you are. That means you guys too in Ayrshire.

One thing which I cannot stress enough is that we do constantly need funding and support. We cannot continue to survive without your help.

I often think what if Kirsty's Kids ever received a grant, (a Lottery donation, a cheque from Children In Need or some other National body). I wonder what would come of such a huge investment! With no cash going on staff wages, pensions, Bentley cars or posh offices. How many more families could we support?

If you could imagine having non stop fun and at the same time making a serious contribution to Kirsty's Kids, just by your presence at what is our official main annual event. Why not put 1st 2nd 3rd 4th of May 2016 into your diary and come and have an incredible weekend here in the Highlands at Trust House Care Centre.

Meet the awesome firefighters, see some super bikes ridden by the UKBUSA.ORG bike club and maybe even be lucky enough see a Blue Knight or two.

Pitch a tent or book a room at Trust House or the Lochailort Hotel and join the party.

I ask that anyone interested copies and forwards the dates to their bike club, youth group or organisation, so that we can make sure we are able to accommodate everyone.

Any Blue Knights from Europe or further a field would be welcome. This is as always our chance to show you what we do and invite everyone to be a part of us and thank you for the support received.

Before I sign off I would like to give a special mention to a special friend an awesome guy, Andrew who came to stay with us last week. Thanks Andrew for being a brilliant host and barman. Serving refreshments and making all the guys feel welcome. You are a really special contributor and example to everyone who attended.

PS next time you need to tell me how you managed to hold on and climb to the top of that awesome wall at Kinlochleven indoor climbing centre. I will have to give it a go myself.

John C Bryden.



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