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4th December 2016

December is always a busy time of the year. Towns and cities are starting to sparkle with Christmas lighting.

Radio stations begin setting the mood with those favourite carols, The Poges timeless Christmas song and all the others from Slade to Bing Crosby.

The volunteers from all walks of life begin to change up a gear, from social services, to those voluntary organisations who run special drop-in centres for the homeless.

Other charities, The Samaritans, to name one of many hundreds.

This week we have continued to champion for charitable organisations and people to work together. If we cannot work together we will never achieve as much as we would as a team. We delivered a large box of toys to be handed out by Social Services Lochaber for our impoverished disadvantaged children in our own local community.

We are busy using the branches and scraps of wood donated by Transport Scotland to sell at the next charity event.

It is such a sad time of the year for many people: Those in financial despair seeing debts mount in this materialistic, must-have society. People with mental health challenges suffering from depression anxiety and stress, a terrible condition which does not discriminate across the social divide.

We look forward to helping so many more families. We have already booked two single parents for respite care. If you know of a family who are struggling and could do with a life-changing care break, please get in touch. We can help especially when children are in serious despair.

Kirsty’s Kids’ continues to try and fund raise, by being resourceful and making things for free which we sell to raise cash.

A busy few nights in the Craft Shed working with the sticks we collected. I am sure that everyone is capable of creating wonderful gifts for Christmas. Why not have a scroll down our Facebook page for some ideas - there's still time.

To all the kids out there who have been to Trust House don't forget phone anytime 01687470404.

To those families out there struggling to cope this or any other month, parents looking after children with life limiting illnesses, we can help.

John C Bryden.



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