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3rd August 2016

A wee Chairman's ramble.

I have been asked so many times about the Africa Challenge 2017. When I will as an able-bodied man take on the challenge of the continent on Kirsty's wee bike with Eeyore once again. Why and what is it for?

I can never imagine what it would be like to have a muscle-wasting illness. a permanent physical challenge through cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spinal injury, or being scared to fall and suffer serious injury through brittle bone, There are thousands of reasons why some of us have assisted needs.

During a visit by Tina, our super volunteer assistant who came to test drive and give advice on Trust House facilities, I realised that even gravel on the drive is a major obstacle for assisted needs.

I was determined to find a way of overcoming this and searched for ideas.

I then thought about the kids and young adults who have so little body movement that driving a wheel chair could be impossible.

These children often with short life expectancy and diminishing health and mobility should be able to run through the mountain heather safe and under their own power.

I was overwhelmed by the dream that going over the mountain heather here at Trust House getting into the wilderness and feeling free. For them to have the chance to forget about the painful procedures, fears of the future, through the many fears such as trauma, short life expectancy, serious illness or injury.

We want them to have the best time. I imagined them going places across the mountain where friends and family would get bogged down underfoot, sinking to their knees in the bog while our young champion drove across with ease. How then we would feel our hearts soar with joy.

The challenge to head across Africa unaided bar that of the wee Honda 125cc with Eeyore is hoped to raise enough cash to make this possible. If we raise a million it will be the start of a Full Time open 365 day of the year Respite Care facility here in the Highlands. If we raise just 18,000 pounds we will have enough to purchase the Hexhog direct from the manufacturer. Imagine a child with only 5 grammes of strength in one finger - not much mobility! That same finger can drive this equipment in a safe secure off road monster crawler capable of negotiation of any off-road terrain - even a gradient of 50% sideways! Build by the Welsh inventor as a safe space-age machine to do just that.

Using a drinking straw operating device allows the device to be driven by mouth. :)

Please help us become a better Respite care facility. Please donate on Eeyore's Africa challenge page. Send cheques to the address on our web site or BACS see for links and VirginMoney link.

Thanks for the heartfelt support towards these kids.

John C Bryden.



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