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3rd April 2016

A wee ramble from the Chairman of Kirsty's Kids.

I am absolutely humbled by the fact that as a no overheads children's charity we have been able to achieve so much in such a short time. This is all down to the strength of passion and the dedication of the team.

Not only have we provided CHAS with thousands of pounds in supporting by purchasing new equipment.We have funded holidays for their young adults clown doctors and more.

We have helped pay Over The Wall to send kids to summer camps. Provided special days out for over 100 kids through integrated charity working. Only by working together can charities achieve more.

We have continued to improve on charity partnerships working with. The Barn in Glasgow's Gorbals. Ginger Bread. Home Start. Action For Children. Asbergers group.

We travelled to Russia and helped implementation on a children's hospice. By partnership working.

We have installed a special disabled bath inside Trust House and working on a wet room with extra wheelchair access.

So much has been happening we don't spend enough time writing about it. We just get on with helping families.

Despite no one ever being paid. As our patron Kirsty would always say no one should prosper from the misfortunes of the world's children I am proud to say this is still the case.

We have a long way to go. the sound sensory room helping our kids with seriously imparted sight and sound.

Is nearly finished.

The special crane for the hydrotherapy centre will be installed by the end of April we hope as well as the redesign of the lifting crane in the new disabled bathroom.

We still need to find £30,000 to purchase the special mini bus as the cash we have accrued since our last treasurers report is continuing to bring us care break families.

I am exhausted thinking about all the hard work being done by the team and the fun fundraising volunteers.

God bless you all.

John C Bryden.



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