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30th August 2016

What a fabulous phone call this morning. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the staff and residents of Pembroke Care Home near London.

The staff and elderly residents celebrating the opening of their new craft workshop at the care home, decided to host an open day to raise cash for the future generations who visit Trust House. The residents and staff are inspired by Kirsty's Kids and wanted to help.

The residents are affected by dementia. They now have their own craft shed just like Kirsty's Kids.

The eldest resident at 101 years old cut the ribbon of the Pembroke residents craft shed. They then went on to bake, and raised £500.00, which has been donated to Kirsty's Kids. The elderly care residents have chosen to continue to support us in the future. Old residents assisting our young kids.

We are overwhelmed by the fantastic generosity and hard work which has gone into raising this huge amount.

Thank you so much we wish you all as much enjoyment from your new facility as our children get from ours.

Thank you so much.

John C Bryden.



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