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28th Sep 2017

Dear All. Time for a wee chairman's ramble. I have dried out and warmed up after a very long wet cold trip yesterday. Thanks for all the nice comments and encouragement not least for the kids donations from everyone who supported me during this latest trip. What did this trip achieve. 12 kids with eyes that can now read. Nearly £7,000 towards the life changing Hexhog All Terrain Wheelchair. It isn't too late to donate, together we are all changing the lives of children who need our support. During the long trip yesterday I thought of the challenge and that had I been able to get through the border would it have been possible to complete inside 3 months. We had 9 weeks in mind?! It pays to be ambitious but not to the point of losing sight of what the importance of the charities work is. I Have learned much during the week in Morocco as I did when I was in Russia. These visits have helped me to manage and direct the Charity to continue to be no overheads. While maximising the donations to make every penny count. We are a team of which I am a small part. Everyone of you on here are members and I am deeply moved by your continued support. Thinking of Kirsty's wish to use THE WEE LASS to raise cash for her kids. As we know every child who needed care and support were her kids. THE WEE LASS has in total been ridden by me 22,337 miles in 12 weeks so Just short of the 24000 projected. If not having taken 2 weeks during those trips getting off the bike to work with other wonderful charities including Sheridar. Then the miles would have been well past 24,000. To put into perspective what those miles 22,337 miles have achieved it amounts to £29,000s raised in 12weeks which has helped improve the lives of countless kids at home and abroad. With your continued support I hope to raise this £11,000 still needed for the Hexhog. When that has been achieved we will guarantee to keep the vehicle busy providing kids with the chance to be free and charge around the beach and hills on their own independence unencumbered. I would have visited the factory yesterday. Being soaked and freezing. I felt it prudent to postpone the visit and take Jan with me at another date. Special thanks to Stuart Barrowman our web site IT guru for updating everyone from my what's app messages and from Jan's conversations. It is easier to donate a pound or two than to donate many hours of valuable time doing. We could not manage all this without our doers. From the Blue Knights motorbike organisation to our Trustees and all those volunteers who tirelessly fund raise Penbrook Care home Marita and Andrew. There are lots of parents who after a visit continue to support us Anne Marie. Everyone who collects bric a brace in Ayrshire and runs the charity shop all week in Maybole. We really are a wonderful group of volunteers. There are too many to post all of those individuals like Huntingtower Lodge. For year round fundraising. Thank you all so much please keep supporting and most importantly referring those kids who need our help.

John C Bryden.



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