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25th August 2013

While working at the West highland Agricultural show yesterday I was astonished by the number of people who stopped for a chat. It was wonderful speaking to everyone and of course we took in £72.00s in donations which is always an added bonus.

Having been involved in the media this year across Russia, Germany and UK with the likely hood of a TV programme being developed from the BBC, it got me thinking about sponsorship and how we could help companies who support us.

Fair to say that we have shown we do attract mass media attention. I would like to ask that corporations and businesses consider checking out our wish list on our website and maybe consider the benefits to themselves, in terms of the gains they could receive, as being part of our sponsorship team. You get media coverage which averages well over 5 million viewers each year. We are creating a new notice board of our sponsors which will accompany us on the fun fundraising corporate events.

We attend major events during the year from the Ingleston Bike Show, Agricultural shows, National Conferences in industry, such as the NCCA Cleaners Carnival at Wickstead Park (attended by companies from all over UK and some from Europe).

For a small investment in the welfare of the world’s children you can receive mass media coverage. Just because we are a small charity doesn’t mean we don’t get noticed as the latest Hospice Challenge to Russia highlighted.

We have other massive events being planned as far ahead as 2015 which will be publicised with our sponsors support.

We need your support. Both in terms of continued supply of merchandising, sponsoring the next run of wrist bands or badges, sponsoring the next newsletter due out in December. Or even the supply of a 7 seater mini bus to help convey children with life limiting illnesses, and families to Trust house and on special days out.

If you would like to support either as a major sponsor or in any other way please lift the phone and talk to us.

Without the overheads required to send out thousands of letters asking for donations across the country, most of which find their way to land fill or recycled paper, we rely on the input of major businesses for support.

In exchange we can support you. growing team of unpaid volunteers, thank you for the continued support. Without it we cannot do our work to alleviate the suffering of the world’s children both at home and abroad. working together to improve the lives of our world’s children.

Don’t forget we welcome legacies, monthly direct debit, or on line donations. We won’t be sending out letters or stopping you on the street asking for cash. Do you want 100% of your donation to go directly to the kid’s aid without a percentage going on over heads.

If you would like to become a team member of www.kirstyskids.orgeither at home or abroad please give us a ring. There is no upper age limit.

John C Bryden.


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