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23rd March 2016

A wee ramble from the Chairman of Kirsty's Kids.

We are delighted to be collecting our next respite care family tomorrow for the Easter break. We have a hire vehicle organised but would be able to become much more effective with a fully adapted mini-bus with multiple wheelchair access.

Then next week we are delighted to have a quick change round and go straight into our next respite care family. There are so many special families in the UK who are so desperately needing a break.

Only by working with other charities and organisations helping each other can we achieve so much more.

Some people have reservations about one charity helping another! Often the term it doesn't sit easy with one charity helping another. We believe this is a very blinkered approach to helping our children in the UK.

The list of organisations and charities we have worked with in both financial support as well as taking on families for special care breaks grows every year to the benefit of the children.

We are pleased to be supporters of Charities in fact they are too numerous for me to list here, Some such as CHAS, Action For Children, Over The Wall, Gingerbread, The Barn, all benefit from your donations, because they can refer children to us for respite care. Counselling is a huge benefit for families from those left after a child or parent has passed on, to those who are suffering from abuse, trauma or ill health.

It is so rewarding to find more and more families getting to hear about us.

As most of our supporters, fundraisers and volunteers know, Trust House is our former family home. Over the last 5 years we have constantly developed better access. We have worked to provide better equipment and indeed privately funded the hydrotherapy Care Centre. There is so much more to do and we thank those who continue to support us.

The dream of having the opportunity to host families 365 days of the year, is still a dream.

Unless we obtain more funding Jan and I will continue to work at our small owner operator business, to fund the improvements and to pay for the heating of Trust House, the maintenance and the improvements.

As can be evidenced from our audited accounts, all donations go to provide transport costs and specialist equipment, such as stair lift hoist crane for the bath and the hydrotherapy. Your donations helps pay for the families food, transport costs and clothing for the most disadvantaged. We accept families of all faiths, all backgrounds and all ages.

For the last 17 years, we have been running the family home as a bed & breakfast. When there are no families staying, Jan and I to go off to work this provides additional revenue, without which the facility could not be used for the children's welfare needs.

We are saving hard to find the cash to finish the sound sensory room, the specialist lifting equipment and the mini bus are just some of the things we desperately need to make the facility more available

to the kids.

Our dream; to open Trust House 365 day of the year to the kids. Until then we are limited in the total number of kids we can support.

We will never draw on donations for expenses never have and never will. To do so would be against our patron Kirsty's personal ethical values. To this end We will continue to make Arts and Crafts in our spare time, attend fundraising events and invite our supporters along to Highland Fun Fundraisers as we have done in the past to biker clubs.

We have invited the Blue Knights across Europe via Scottish Chapters and the Scottish Chapters to attend a Highland Biker festival, in the hope of raising some cash for the kids. If you know of a bike group why not let them know the first Bank Holiday weekend in May is going to be a great bikers gathering at Trust House.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support us. The difference it makes to have a bereaved family stay, providing support after the loss of a parent or child is so important. Getting the chance to come away from hospital after such things like cancer treatment is incredibly important, for a child to come away from the painful invasive procedures and have fun.

Children in chronic pain can relax in the hydrotherapy, with parents or guardians. It make so much difference to be out of the wheel chair and feel the benefits of hydrotherapy care.

We do this because we want to. We love the see the place used to benefit those who need help the most. We are not a business. We are not a business charity, who use percentage of profit to help others either by making special equipment or teaching special skills. We are a non profit children's charity and will continue to be as effective as we can.

We could not survive without your help. We gladly receive it. We won't go round shaking cans or pleading for your cash or support, it is all about choice. This is our choice and we welcome everyone who chooses to help us help the kids.

God bless.

Thank you.

John C Bryden.



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