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22nd June 2013

The team at CMYK are the best hardest working polite group of souls I have ever had the pleasure to work with, in both my RAF and Police Careers. It was a privilege to work with such a group of incredible hard workers, who gelled together as one precision group, they are the hardest workers I have ever seen.

Thanks CMYK also for providing us with your ex fleet printer. It may be an ex fleet machine but makes our old printer look like a scrapped Lada compared to a brand new Rolls Royce.

Thanks to Roddy Morrison the CMYK "expedition team leader". Roddy has enabled us to print off letters of thanks and provide business cards with corporate letter headed paper. Not forgetting that the team raised nearly £1,000 pounds for and the sponsors are still able to be made to show appreciation via their Virgin Money Giving link.

A massive thanks to the Maybole team for rallying this year. We know it was tough without Ann Printer. We remember her sad loss at this time and thank everyone for rallying in to take her place, especially Jamie McConnell her son. Thank you Jamie for the support and the hard work at the charity shop.

A massive thanks to serving Police Scotland's officer Kyle Walker for his personal involvement is pushing forward. For his being able to inspire kids to get involved, his team building and encouragement on the Ben Nevis challenge. To his friends and family who have been inspired by him to get involved also for providing refreshments and stationery. He is a true ambassador for the Scottish Police Service and an inspiration.

A special mention to Kyle Lee Walker for attending in support of his chosen Autism charity. To Shona and Keira Walker who are continuing to assist in organising fun fund-raising events and bag packing at Morrison's.

A special thanks to Stuart Barrowman for being our voluntary web site guru, to providing the uploads and keeping everything so special on the site. This has really enabled to move forward and to help so many children. Yet another Police officer (retired) on the team and Ambassador for Police Scotland. We can all put a coin in a bucket, but giving up time and so much of it has really overwhelmed us here guys and for that we thank you.

I would like to give mention to Jamie Pearson @ Cleaning Systems UK, for the sponsorship during the 2011 UK challenge. Also for the support at Ingliston, not only for proving balloons but for participating in the promotion and manning the stall all day.

Ayr Harbour Motorcycles thank you guys for sending new bike bearings, and a full chain and sprocket kit.

Thank the UKBUSAS.ORG for the annual trek to and participation in Highlanders Highland Games BBQ in aid of This year raising over £1,000 pounds for the Trust despite terrible weather. We were pleased to award Neil Holmes with the games trophy, sponsored by Karmynski Samoyeds. Neil was the overall winner and had actually travelled from Devon in driving rain to be part of the fun fundraising thank to everyone who attended.

Last but not least we could not have survived and achieved what we have already achieved without the Blue Knights® Law Enforcement Motor Cycle club both here and across Europe we thank them for the continued support to the Blue Knights® who purchased and donated a 125cc motor bike like Kirsty's to be used for spare parts it was also utilised in the Highland games fund-raising event.

All this has given us incredible strength and encouragement to carry on in our endeavours to make children with Life limiting illnesses, short life expectancy, social and domestic challenges learn to cope better and enable them to laugh and have fun.

It is with this continued support that is becoming known across the continents.

Thanks to everyone.


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