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21st December 2014

A wee ramble from the Chairman.

As we head towards Christmas and into a New Year we continue to work with other charities in the UK to help improve the lives of our children.

At this time of year we see increased numbers of children suffering for many different reasons. It is often children from successful business parents who can suffer and develop mental health challenges. Often the parents are so busy dealing with the stress of career and the domestic bills the kids are left to entertain themselves. Sometimes the kids become involved in petty crime and antisocial behaviour.

As many in society grow ever more materialistic and strive for the latest must have toy on the internet or off the television. Parents often succumb to the temptation to get into debt in order to satisfy the desires of commercialism and materialistic ideals. They even queue for hours outside the supermarket on Black Friday to try and buy that even bigger TV.

As a result of the increased expense parents who often work long hours, working to pay heavy mortgages and bills, will often take on even more work to pay for the extra expense. Thus seeing even less of the kids.

Here at Kirsty's Kids we know that the best gift a child can have is the companionship of their parents and guardians. Quality time does not incur debts which increase stress levels as the credit card escalates. It decreases stress levels. Quality time strengthens the bonds between parent or guardians and child. Respect is not bought from a shop or from the on line shopping giants.

As we brace ourselves for the increased issues, which occur at this time of the year, we are preparing with increased working partnerships and look forward to our visit to Trust House from Representatives of Action For Children. Together we will be planning to help an increased number of children coming though our door in 2015.

We suggest planning a walk on the beach, a trip to the swing park, visiting your elderly neighbours and sharing quality time this Christmas. In fact why not start now and instead of filling the shopping trolley with hundreds of pounds of Christmas cheer, go out with the kids and spending even more time having fun together rather than worrying about the cost.

Often stress causes domestic violence, which is increased by the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol often puts strains on relationships and always affects the children.

Remember last Christmas did you over eat? Did you have too much in the cupboards? Endless boxes of sweets and mince pies, was it worth the expense? I think running along a beach with the kids, drawing pictures in the sand, flying a kite or kicking a ball, going to the swing park, having a countryside ramble (even in the rain and splashing in puddles) would be my choice for a special day with the family.

When I personally think of my childhood I don’t remember all the Christmas presents each year and there were plenty to be had. I do remember walking with my grandmother as we took a stroll in the country and listened to her stories. I remember sitting on the cross bar as my grandfather rode his bike to the woods to collect sticks. I remember my grandmother baking cakes and singing. She had an incredible voice. I remember helping grandfather in his shed. I remember the quality times. The most important memories are those times. The trips to the country or to feed the swans and ducks in the pond. To me these are the most precious moments which no money can buy.

Why not make this Christmas special and go daft with the kids it won’t cost so much.

To all our supporters and volunteers please have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Please keep up the good work we can only do what we do because of the donations and volunteers who give so much.

Have a great time. from all at Kirsty's Kids.

John C Bryden.



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