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19th August 2015

Time for a wee Chairman's ramble.

This week alone around 100 wonderful written comments have been received from the residents of Maybole regarding this weeks shop. I would like to express our gratitude to the people of Maybole.

We have achieved so much this week and been able to assist disadvantaged people in the town as well as raise so much for Kirsty's Kids. This is not just a weeks work it is a full years effort. Trustee Angela Smith and volunteer Mamie Bryden have been doing this for local charities in Maybole for 17 years. They are incredible organisers and hard grafters. The Ladies who worked in the shop this week do so week after week, helping so many different charities in the town.

Maybole please give these volunteers a cheery wave when you pass the shop.

Thanks to the public and tourists for coming in providing donated goods, donating cash and time.

To all the volunteers including Margaret Crookeston, Moira Auld, Sheena Smith and Elisabeth Gilmore heart felt thanks.


John C Bryden.



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