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17th March 2014

We would like to thank Hunting Tower Lodge B&B for continuing to provide a collecting flask in their entrance and to all their guests who have donated the latest pot of £148.47.

We would like to thank Lochaber Women's Business Club for the donation of £594.48 This amount plus £595.58 from MCN bike show weekend fundraising means this week we are off to the bank with £1,338.53.

Please remember we do not receive any cash from Social Services, nor is assistance provided financially from Government Agencies.


  1. We have helped over 150 children, with serious life limiting illnesses or short life expectancy, to enjoy the benefits of fun camps, surrounded by other children in similar circumstances. They gain confidence and support.

  2. We have provided specialist equipment to children's hospices.

  3. We host children and families rest bite care breaks at Kirsty's Kids Trust House.

We have lots of kids waiting responses from Gingerbread. Now the weather has improved and the floods are receding we will be hosting more kids through this project. There are new referrals in the pipeline from assisted needs organisation in Glasgow.

Thanks to our new guru who is helping keep the letters and admin up to date.

We only use your cash directly to buy food, clothing equipment for the kids and travelling expenses. We never use donations on overheads or Trust House Running costs.

Please keep donating, thank you all for the continued support.

This is what makes it all possible. 100% volunteers, no paid staff, no one gains at Kirsty's Kids from the misfortunes of the world's children - except the children themselves. We are not a business charity. We have no pension fund to top up, staff cars to pay for or offices to up keep. All volunteers travel at their own expense and never receive costs.

John C Bryden.



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