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17th June 2016

What a fantastic effort from team Alltec. They have done an amazing job, yet again raising such a huge sum of cash - £1,496.25p for the children. In fact so much that we have sufficient to provide at least 2 families with respite care breaks this summer.

We are off to collect the hire mini bus for yet another family this week. The sound sensory room has been upgraded, yet again, thanks to Huntingtower Lodge, Fort William. To date they have raised around £1,000 pounds for us, as well as donating furniture.

It is not always possible for children with assisted needs to use a swing park, so we hope that by building this at Trust house we can be yet again more inclusive to the children.

We are waiting for further updates from a firm to supply the crane for the hydrotherapy care centre. This will provide much needed assistance to the kids, mums and dads who have assisted needs. Remember it isn't just the children who come here who seek assistance, sometimes young children have one or both parents who are seriously ill. We care for the whole family.


We have ordered the swing mechanism for the special cantilever swing. If you know of a hydro power board group who could supply a telegraph pole or BT engineering source it would save so much in the build cost. We need to create a large concrete pit and secure steel sleeve. This swing will be so much better than conventional ones and that bit cooler.

John C Bryden.



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