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15th December 2016

Our Christmas message.

We would like to thank all those incredible people who without we would be unable to operate.

From the volunteer helpers to the people who give all year to the charity shop. To those who store, wash and clean the items and those who work in the shop.

The list is endless. There are too many of you, but you know who you are.

Special thanks this year to Jackie Hail for her incredible challenge in walking the Cambodian jungle to raise over £2,000 for the children.

Thanks to Mallaig Toy Shop for donating the paper and sellotape, to Hilary and Flora for spending the day wrapping gifts provided by Kirsty's Kids' for Lochaber's disadvantaged kids.

Instead of spending time in the rat race this Christmas shopping, it is also possible to enter into the spirit of Christmas, by spending the time not in the shops but in helping to ensure an elderly neighbour has enough food and heat to be comfortable.

A box of fire wood. A small hamper or an invite to dinner can bring far more joy than spending time in the shopping mall and loading the credit card debt.

Many of our elderly neighbours who live alone go unseen and unnoticed. Particularly in our towns and cities. Disadvantaged single parents often forgo feeding themselves, in order to provide for their children.

If the true meaning of Christmas is to be upheld, is this not the time to extend the hand of kindness and goodwill to all men.

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday good will to everyone from the team at kirsty's Kids'.

John C Bryden.



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