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14 June 2014

We are overwhelmed by the hard work put in by Mark Taylor over these last months preparing for such a gruelling challenge.

Often we hear some people quip, " It's all been done before. How many folk have climbed Ben Nevis for charity? How many have ridden Lands end to John O'Groats."

Not many have done these things Kirsty's Kids' style.

Remember when the kids climbed Ben Nevis. They didn't just walk, they carried a full size, fully loaded motor bike to the summit!

When Mark takes on Lands End to John O'Groats, he is doing so on a budget bicycle, he bought second hand. He is dressed in full Eeyore costume and will be sleeping at the road side, no planned route Hotels or B&B. Mark has been training so hard.

The children and families we support, have a hard road ahead and often have the most incredibly enduring challenges life can ever throw at them. Here at Kirsty's Kids' we are not a business charity, but we are a national Registered Charity. We do not receive financial support from Government bodies. We are not laden down by high business overheads or staff wages. We are not millions of pounds in debts. We don't have a call centre set up, like some charities doing hard sell on the phone. We don't spend money on junk mail, wasting valuable donations to tout for cash to pay CEO six figure wages. In fact no member of our team, including the CEO, is ever allowed to profit from the misfortunes of our children. So no one is paid. We do this because we love to see kids smile and we love help parents relax.

We make a difference to the lives of children in the UK, who often are suffering from serious trauma, life limiting illnesses or short life expectancy.

We do have a voice and we have helped change the hearts and minds of government super powers, to rethink and make their children's health a priority.

We don't fund raise by hard sell but invite you to support our fundraiser's, like Mark who is giving his absolute all to help children in the UK by carrying out this gruelling challenge.

Please if you feel you would like to support children via Kirsty's Kids', watch out for Mark. On the web site he will have a GPS tracker, just like Paul Gallacher on his massive non stop attempt from Fort William to Glasgow.

These fundraiser's are not out on a jolly, but have trained hard and dedicated themselves to support Kirsty's Kids' from Nick, Alistair the entire Mountain bike carry team, to wee Fraser who collected his pocket money in a Smartie tube, everyone is working so hard to help us support the children. These are just small examples of the many fund raisers we have who do such a fantastic job, but like everything there as so many families who need us. We need more.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support and those who have set up direct debits to provide just a few pounds every month.

We have nine kids coming to visit this month. We need more cash to support more. Please help us help them.

Thank you so much.

John C Bryden.



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