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13th September 2014

A quick Chairman's ramble........

We are having an awesome time this weekend. We will be firing up the BBQ tonight once everyone has had a fantastic time at the beach.

This morning we have been talking to young volunteers and social work. Discussions this morning have opened new doors for our disadvantaged children in the deprived Inner city area of Glasgow. We look forward to helping street kids reach improved self esteem and building confidence to reach their potential.

Kirsty's Kids is going from strength to strength. Thanks for your continued support. This year has seen unprecedented hard work from our sponsors; Team Ayrshire headed by Angela Bryden, MotoScotland and Mottorad, The Ingliston Bike show, NCCA Carpet cleaners Association, not forgetting the Blue Knights.

I will be providing a full report on this years events soon. Trust House needed major roof repairs which were carried out in house, by my wonderful wife Jan and myself. We have now finished redecorating the bedrooms, new carpets, and bedding for the kids and families who so desperately need our help.

None of these renovations have been carried out using donations, so this means we are still 100% voluntary and the donations provided go to the kids.

Just to reassure our sponsors - no child or family or 3rd party pays to stay at Trust House. Your cash donations go directly towards the welfare of the children. We are investing in a specialist light and sound sensory room, with interactive floor, for young children with assisted needs.

Have a fantastic weekend.

John C Bryden.



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