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11th March 2015

To all our fundraiser's and sponsors we would like to thank you for your incredible efforts. You can be proud to know that you have been able to provide six families special fun packed care breaks in 2015 already. The calendar is now full till June. We will be attending the local high schools to ask for help in recruiting young volunteers, who can learn to become fun camp helpers here at Trust House.

It is impossible to imagine being a small child, who has already lost a parent and is nursing the other one. Or a young parent who has been left alone to cope with their children when they are unwell and vulnerable. The list of different scenarios is to long to publish.

Some people often assume that the council, the Social Services, are responsible for providing care. That perhaps there is a magic wand to make everything better. The reality is that without your support to help the small charities and hospices around the UK things would be much different.

As we turn up a gear this year in 2015 please dig deep and consider supporting Kirsty's Kids. The more donations, the more families we can support. Help us support someone you know who needs special care and TLC.

John C Bryden.



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