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Wednesday 17th July 2013


"OK everyone, Kirsty's magical coincidence has postponed my departure from Russia tomorrow. The government has just signed the release of land to build the first children's hospice in Russia.

I am invited to attend the adult hospice in Moscow to discuss the advantages and the ability of the hospice in Scotland's CHAS to create a fun happy environment for children. I am overwhelmed by this and that is being invited to provide advice through in work with CHAS.

Charities working together can make a greater difference across the world. I ask you to consider showing support by helping me raise the cash we need to continue to do our work. I am now convinced my journey is worth the hard work. Yours in gratitude, John"


"Maybe my last communication until I reach Estonia. A busy day today with Russian media. Seeing the facilities and discussion with sharing construction and design ideas. Talks on the first 60 children to benefit from this wonderful centre. TV and National News have really taken to heart. Helping us help Sheredar gain support is vital. I am so proud of everyone who is supporting our work."


"Will update today's event's soon. Massive steps have been made today here at Sheredar and with meeting the Commissioner with Police. I have held talks and visited the police training centre here.

I am privileged to have been able to form new bonds of friendship and am pleased to say that Russian Police are just as my European officers. They are there to protect not to hinder. I had an incredible opportunity to visit police HQ and training facility to share laughter and friendship with my Russian Police comrades."


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