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Saturday 10th August 2013


With £300.00s to go into the bank from the wee bucket on Monday this brings us just over the £10,000 we still have £4800 to go to reach this fundraising target. Please don't give up on us. As a completely voluntary charity which ensures no person profits or receives monetary gain due to the misfortune of the worlds children we struggle to receive donations because we don't spend on advertising.

Without donations we cannot continue our work.

52 of Kirsty's Kids went to Edinburgh for a special climbing day, clown doctors were able to attend CHAS, light and sound sensory equipment for assisted needs kids. 150 kids in the UK benefit from our help due to fun specialist rehabilitation camps, specialist equipment was purchased for Scotland's children's hospice to name just some of the things we have done. We need to help so many more.

Russian children will benefit from our input which will help to enable Russia to fund and build their own children's hospice at a time when the country currently has none. This will be down to your support imagine a country with no children's hospice. Some countries do not allow children to receive palliative care when they are diagnosed with terminal illness. Some countries still institutionalise kids with assisted needs and some families still feel shame and hide their assisted needs children from public never allowing them to go out! These countries exist and with your help we can change this.

Children and their families stay at Trust house as a result of your fundraising we can take them on Special Highland holidays of discovery. Please don't let politics or current affairs put you off donating. The kids are not politicians they have no choice. They did not choose to have serious life limiting illnesses or short life expectancy. Help us help the kids receive palliative care.

Together we can share our work and the work of leading organisations such as Children's Hospice Associations. Showing world leaders best practice and the benefits organisations such as Scotland's Hospice Association has made to families in the UK. We are inspiring other countries.

Please don't think that we are ineffective because we have no overheads. Although we are not a business charity we do deliver 100% we love to see kids smile and learn to cope. Our volunteers are carefully selected and qualified but do not receive pay they do this on their spare time qualified nurses, careers, Police officers currently serving and retired all get involved. They care enough giving up spare time to do just that they care about the kids. Volunteers giving up free time does not mean we are amateurs at delivering to the kids. In-fact our Chairman is a retired Police officer who served in the busy city centre environments of UK as well as rural and island locations in Scotland. Dealing with the worst live dished out to the kids has enabled him to understand social needs and with specialist training during his career helps ensure every penny goes to the right place. Nothing is therefore lost through miss guided good intent. Negotiation and discussions at the highest level and networking with leading children's and government authorities gets us to the heart of the problems and allows us to make a positive contribution to the welfare of the worlds children. Just because we are not earning our living from your donations does not make us ineffective.

Thanks for the continued support.

See the final amount raised here.


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