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Wednesday 10th July 2013

Day 7 Foot Prints.

20:56 - Facebook

"She's blowing well higher wind's forecast so going to build a stone shelter for the bike and sit it out till morning. Hope the rain eases by then. Its been a good day, 61 miles about 80kms to go till I get the bike as far as land will allow. About 1,000 miles inside Arctic circle. Happy days."

08:09 - Facebook

"Yesterday I concentrated on needing cash to help the children through We still do. I want to remind everyone of the other reason for this.

I have in Kirsty's bike here with me a gift from the children in Scotland to the children in Moscow. It is a school jumper written with a few message of love and fun to their Russian friends. As a house is built on a strong base at the ground then so to should our governments.

The children of our Nation's are the foundations for our future governments, so lets bring them together as children playing together at such an early age.

Children do not hate they learn this from adults. Let my struggle to take this gift the hard way to Moscow be a token of the long road ahead. This morning I kicked a small piece of snow in the hope that this will become an avalanche of friendship between the children of our Nations."

06:30 - Facebook

"Good morning campers. Early bird catches the worm. Just rolled off 400 miles. Left to the Kapp most northerly point, must be 1,000 miles inside Arctic Circle now. Driving rain for most of them and nothings dry now. Pockets are full of water, as are the boot's. Note to self, 'If you go on an expedition don't use an old jacket with broken zips cos bin bags ain't what they used to be.' Rolled off meaning as in 399 miles not the bike!"


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