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Tuesday 9th July 2013

Day 6 Foot Prints.

"If everyone on the road who smiled and waved and visited this page could please like and share maybe by the time I get back to Scotland we will have the other £7,000. You need to help us help those kids. Cheers for the donations today folk another £15 raised today we are doing well. Please keep up the efforts."

"Thanks guys, it is the sponsorship that I am doing this for, because in order to help children with serious life-limiting illnesses, I need to raise serious bucks. Coming home with the cash means we can make this worthwhile. Cash in the tin £79 since leaving UK.

Come on one of you companies out there, please help us help the kids. I am not going to rattle a can. I believe in choice and folk can make their own. I am trying my best. Hope you will please see clear to making a wee donation for Kirsty's Kids via the web site if you would like to. Ok thanks."

"Well done wee lass you're due an oil change, gales, cold but dead chuffed. 500 miles of Arctic to go."

Welcome to the Arctic Circle


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