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Thursday 25th July 2013


Berlin to Butzbach.

Next stop Touratech then France when you see the wee tiny bucket please donate thanks to England, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden Norway, Lapland, Finland.

France here we come please help us help the kid's. Kirsty's Kids — with Sheredar in Russia fantastic response from our Russian v.


It goes without saying I had the most incredible warm honourable reception from our Russian fellow cops and have great memories of many notes from Russian Moscow residents putting cash in the fickle wee child's bucket.

Tuesday 23 July - Facebook


"I would like to express my warm gratitude to my German Police friends who met me on my way north and on my way back south.

Comfortable bed last night Volker Svoboda, help with the bike. Companionship on the ride from Poland. The wonderful meal haven't eat so well for a wee while, for the wee dram of Scottish Whisky. Guys thanks for being there, thanks a million for caring. Hope I get a chance to meet up some more this trip.

179 miles and I will be with my daughter, Jennie Bryden, for 2 days. Need to rest, the knees are telling me to stop for a wee while, Jennie.

PS I am so sorry this Hairy Highlander wrecked your vice fixing the bike, Volker. Also great wee news flash as we get ready to go home I will be meeting a very special seven year old wee boy who is coming to use Trust House. Hope I can teach him to fish and have fun. Makes me so happy please keep donating. We need your support."


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