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Thursday 11th July 2013

Day 8 Foot Prints.


"Its getting more isolated tonight, nothing on the roads and pretty remote. Just been along the Northern coastline, so going to stop and heat a pan of water to cook my catch. Sticking by the rules, no restaurants and living on what I can get. Can't wait to get cooking. Bear Grills or Hairy Bikers, you decide. Photo coming soon."


"Tried to record things but it is impossible. I have camped and worked in hurricanes."

"I have never experienced such exposed life-threatening weather conditions for such a long sustained period of the time. There is no shelter."


"When parked at the most northerly point the motorbike actually lifted from the ground and blew over causing a bit of damage. He is riding on. Because of the wind against him, not damage, the bike will only go around 10 mph and passing lorries are making it quite dangerous. He is going to push on though and try to get out of it as soon as poss."


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