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Sunday 21st July 2013


A friend of

"Friend just filled the tank for More cash for the children. Thank you from everyone at"

09:02 - Jan

John contacted me this morning - no internet but wanted to let people who are new to Kirsty's Kids (people he has met on his trip) know why he is doing this.

"I took myself to Norcap because this is where children from every continent met and created a monument to represent peace from a child's eyes. I hoped that if I went there and symbolically kicked some snow it might descend into an avalanche of support.

I also wanted children who had become unwell or had suffered in any way to contact Kirsty's Kids to show encourage others that you can go on to full lives.

Friendship has been formed between Scotland and Russia and together we can bridge any prejudice or 'differences' we may have and build hope in children for a future."


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