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Monday 22nd July 2013


"In 2006 I rode 4700 miles, in 14 days, on a super sports bike with emergency service men to save the lives of children. We made it count. Details of what was achieved to follow.

This time I had 1 day waiting for a ferry and 3 days in Moscow. SO IN 14 DAYS I have taken a 125cc motor bike the equivalent of fully 1 quarter of the way round the circumference of planet earth.

Just topped 6,000 miles of mud, dirt, rock, shale and tarmac roads. Please help me help the kids by donating sharing and supporting. I am.

United we can change the way we treat the world's children."


"For me good progress is being able to build more than one children's hospice and one care facility. So far we have enough to buy 3 beds.

Progress is about getting the kids the help and support. It is frustrating for me here I can't upload my reasons because of the lack of Internet. If I could I think people would understand what progress means to me. This is not about me. It is not a memorial trip it isn't about Kirsty. It is only about getting what they need.

Remember to Kirsty all children who were disadvantaged and in serious need were her kids. The trust cannot make progress without global support. Working with Russia in a critical time, when western aid has been rejected, is a very positive step forward. But we need global support to keep the work progressing.

Riding this bike till it breaks to pieces is not working. I do not know what to do to make the world see from my eyes the enormity of this work. For those who no longer need to carry water from a dirty stream to provide for sick kids. It is hard to put yourself in the state of mind it needs to see."

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