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Friday 19th July 2013


It was a no stopping option, the requirement to press on, my only option.

"Hello from Estonia. Will put up video update soon cheers guys and everyone.

The trip has created unprecedented opportunities in a time when charity aid had been rejected from Russia. Suffice to say. I will be working very closely with the administration in Russia through our work done in the name of We have not only knocked on Russia's door but been invited to work in unified interests of all our children.

I am honoured to have been invited to return with my own selected team to help in the new build children's hospice project.The first of its kind in Russia, with 20 million in Moscow alone. This is one small step for the children, but a huge step forward between our Nations in working, not in comparison, but in dignity, honour and compassion in one common goal to help prevent the suffering of our worlds children.

Russia and Scotland wish to work hard together at our common aims and objectives, sharing ideas and building friendship. I now need much more support at government level and ask for donations to help me carry forward Kirsty's work in Russia. Thank you"


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