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Friday 12th July 2013


"She's a wee road bike learning to be a trial bike. My feet are on the back pegs and taking them one staged section at a time. Wind is picking up to Siberian chill factor heck its chilly. Chillier than a chilly thing on a really cold day in cold Lapland. Must admit this is becoming one heck of a challenge."


"Prancer, Dancer, Rudolph, come on who can name them? This is got to be worth a donation. Found wandering in this wilderness, not used to wee bikes, he came over to meet Eeyore."


"Hello Finland."


"Just over £7,000 pounds left to raise so we can make the difference to those kids. We have a growing list of kids who need our help.

This morning many folk might be wondering. WHY Nordcapp? For me it was an important step in promoting our message from This is the place where children from every continent on our planet were taken to design monumental stones for world peace. These were designed by our children working together. It was to me a way to spell out the importance of getting our children to work together. I wish to remind everyone that only by children sharing and pairing with schools and group's around the world can we ensure a peaceful future. Kids are not born to hate. Let their love for each other be allowed to flourish and give us the wisdom to make this happen."


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