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Sponsor List

The following is a list of all the people who have given their time and support to help our Kirsty Bryden Memorial Trust. We are grateful to everything they have done for us.....

Travis Perkins. Thanks for delivering the foundation stone.

Banavie Quarry. Thanks for supplying that wonderful rock which is now in place as the Trust foundation stone with plaque.

Stoke Memorials. Thanks guys for helping finish cutting the stone I was there for days with hammer and chisel.

Cleaning Systems UK. Thanks for supplying the polishing discs and the machine it has been brilliant.

The Mustard Seed Fellowship, Fort William. Thank you for your care and devotion to my family during the darkest times. The Memorial Trust thanks you for the kind donation to Kirsty's Kids.

Direct Pet Supplies, Fort William.

Over The Wall. Special thanks for your assistance and support in getting the Trust off to a great start, we pledge our support in Kirsty's Memory. We understand the incredible difference that Over the Wall makes to those children and look forward to assisting you in the future. Keep up the good work. KirstysKids proudly sponsors this incredible charity with its summer camps.

Casa Reom Trust. How wonderful this community is. We pledge to return one day and hope that the children continue to receive the warmth of love and care which Kirsty managed to become so much an integral part.

Ayr Harbour Motorcycles. Thank you for looking at Kirsty's bike for me and supplying the new tyre. It has meant an awful lot to have the support of fellow bikers.

All Round Signs. Thanks to the team for pulling out all the stops you did an amazing job on the bike. A real 1 off from all the volunteer committee thank you so much and for the banners stickers everything is fantastic, first class job. We are truly grateful.

Logos4polos. Thanks so much we were so blown away by your kindness, fantastic, this has really been the icing on the cake.

Stoddarts Motor Cycles, Oban. Thanks for the free MOT it was a wonderful gesture.

Bookers Oban. Thanks for donating the boxes of sweets for the fund raising event in Woodvale.

West Highland Gas Limited. Thank you so much for the helium so we can inflate the balloons purchased for Woodvale this weekend, fantastic. We are delighted and couldn't manage without our sponsors.

Barneys Bikes.

QC Performance Bikes.

Touratech Germany. A BIG thank you. Thanks Herbert and Ramona for the pack, fantastic.

Our Sponsors are amazing. Thank you all so much.


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