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30th April 2013

It is with the greatest of thanks that we at have been informed that the Nations Carpet Cleaning Community Organisation - The Approved Carpet Cleaning Association (TACCA) have the final tally for their massive fun fundraising charity event at their national convention last weekend. Members worked hard at making the event a success and have raised £3,210 for Kirsty's Kids We are overwhelmed by the support of the TACCA members. They are a group of hard working professionals who devote their time to hard work in looking after the nation's floor coverings and soft furnishings. They are also very caring individuals who are dedicated to providing their best and also at digging deep for us. This is such a wonderful outcome and will mean so much more can be achieved in the months ahead. Thanks to everyone for the continued support. This makes our £15,000 target so much more attainable. Together we can make a difference.

Ayr Harbour Motorcycles thank you guys for sending new bike bearings, and a full chain and sprocket kit.

Aitch from JC has been fantastic in sponsoring He has paid for, donated and topped up the ninja tracker device for the challenge. Over the last 2 years JC has been providing financial assistance. This year his company has been fantastic in helping to make the Moscow Challenge possible. Aitch thank you so much for all the help you have been absolutely fantastic. We have seen the results of your custom built exhaust work testified here with many of your satisfied customers, who have ridden up to Lochailort sporting fantastic pipes on their bikes. They really are show stoppers.

Scottoiler V System supplied on 14/3/13 by Craig of Scottoiler (Scotland) Ltd. Facebook


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