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Total time on road:
26 days 14 hours and 23 minutes.

Total milage: 6,171.1

Eeyore Africa 2017 Challenge


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27 September

Run from Portsmouth to Lochailort

26 September

Thats John in Englandshire now. He still has a long road to travel. Spending today at Portsmouth getting the bike back fighting fit for the long trek - and all uphill !!!! After the miles he has travelled already it feels that he is just around the corner but it is still going to be a long slog to home. Please keep him in your hearts and prayers xxxx

24 September

£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid) donation received from Steve Livesey.

£50 donation received from PunctureSafe Perthshire.

Many thanks to you all.

18:14 Webmaster

John has stopped for the night. Total milage since the 1 September is 5,373.9. 61 miles to Calais ferry terminal.

08:38 John

"Facebook is full every day of happy birthday greetings. It's Jans birthday today. Instead of buying her a card I have given a donation for the Hexhog, knowing that she would approve. Happy birthday babe. Miss you, wish I was there with you. XXX.

Some folk buy race day presents for loved ones, so able bodied can drive a Ferrari on the track. Please think of donating for a birthday treat, so one of these amazing kids with serious illness or assisted needs can have a chance to race on the beach.

Last nights silage dump site. Rough camping.

Rough camping in a silage dump

Woken by the rain.

Woken by the rain. On the bike and on the move again.

23 September


Saint-Pol-De-Leon, France. 322+ miles covered today. see lates video from John (above or on video blogs).

07:51 John

Bike won't start this morning. Gave the spare battery and charger to a remote village in Morocco, LOL.

Need to strip the bike bare and try to jump start, then repack. Give me a couple of hours.

Challenges! The guys in the village did without for years.

Never a hill around when you need one.

22 September

08:39 John

This morning's bike time has shown me THE WEE LASS is getting tired.

Damage to the wee lass. Running repairs Running repairs all fixed!

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