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Operation Santa

23 December 2020

A letter in this morning with a photo. Kate thank you for sharing your story with everyone here. It does help people to understand why we are doing what we do. Keeping up the very difficult work on the front line, doing the extraordinary work. You do deserves a medal. God bless.

"Hi guys, I just want to say that you delivered a miracle to my kids and I last night (Kate Duff on Bute). I have to tell you that what you have done for my kids and me is beyond amazing. My kids have been lost because they lost their dad 18 months ago. Although I work part-time in a care home looking after the eldery , I don't get much on minimum wage, so we actually didn't have a Christmas dinner let alone an amazing gift. I was lost for words when I seen santa and the elfs arrive to give us a Christmas we'll never forget. So I just wanted to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart, you guys are truly amazing people. I hope you have as good a Christmas as you have given us.

Kate & kids xx."

Operation Santa

22 December 2020

Fresh veg and fruit has been delivered all day as well as some little surprises for many wonderful families. All thanks to you guys for supporting us.

Thank you.

Last night after a sleep in the van it was time for Santa and Mrs Elf to get up and lessen anquish and saddness.Mrs Elf was bursting with excitement to see more children begin to smile laugh and forget despair even if just for Christmas.

Roll waggon roll. Yipeee.

Operation Santa
Operation Santa
Operation Santa

21 December 2020

Heading onto Bute and at the Green Welly.

Operation Santa
Operation Santa

This has to be the best job in the whole world.

Thanks everyone.

Come on Mrs Elf, lets deliver more Christmas dreams to the most incredible families

Operation Santa
Operation Santa

20 December 2020

Back at the depot as we were reloading the trailer suddenly we were astonished to find very special help had arrived.

I wonder if the kids will recognise them

Operation Santa
Operation Santa

19 December 2020

This morning Operation Santa began its first phase.

We started this event in the hope of bringing Christmas to five families. With Santas help he have now over 50 children who will be sitting to a huge Christmas dinner and with parcels to open.

Our first delivery tipped us over the border into England. We will be heading north to Inverness area then across Lochaber down to the Islands and remote Argyle and Bute finishing on Christmas eve in Fort William.

This could not be possible without your donations.

Please keep supporting us so we can support others.

Thank you

Operation Santa

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