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UPDATE!  John and Jan are back in Scotland after their third trip which saw them head into Poland, reload, and return to Ukraine.  See our new feed page for up-to-the-minute details.


The Kirsty Bryden Memorial Trust is a no-overheads charity helping to improve the lives of all children including those who are suffering from serious life limiting illnesses, children with special needs and their siblings.

We are a registered charity number SC042871.

Eight years ago we set off on the first fundraising challenge on the wee lass, Kirsty's 125cc motorbike. Doing the maths, we are well on the way to having raised £100,000, coupled with the assistance given to over 200 families in this time for respite care.

Just so you know we are not for stopping. Thanks for the continued support to Kirsty's Kids'.


To donate via PayPal, please use this button:

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As a no overheads charity every penny goes to the children we help. We operate on goodwill and sponsorship, using all unpaid volunteers who use their own private cars, our own private vehicles and we pay for our own fuel to attend events.

We source posters, badges etc from sponsors to deliver 100% of your donation direct to those in need.

The Trust always investigates every cause to ensure no cash gets wasted through misguided good intent. We deliver to maximize the benefit of every penny raised.

100% of all donations go to the kids (there are no deductions for expenses or wages taken from donations).


Operation Santa

19 December 2020

This morning Operation Santa began its first phase.

We started this event in the hope of bringing Christmas to five families. With Santa's help, we now have over 50 children who will be sitting to a huge Christmas dinner and with parcels to open.

Our first delivery tipped us over the border into England. We will be heading north to Inverness area then across Lochaber down to the Islands and remote Argyle and Bute finishing on Christmas eve in Fort William.

This could not be possible without your donations.

Please keep supporting us so we can support others.

Thank you

Click here for more information on Operation Santa

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