Wish List

It would greatly assist KirstysKids if you, your club, company or organisation could sponsor or donate any of the following items:

  1. We need two car seats. One for babies and one for tots. Also a booster seat. This is so we can collect families from the station and take them on trips when staying at Trust House.

  2. Currently we are looking for a small mini bus to replace John's XTrail (engine died).

  3. A display board. Office Supplies Online item code 14251RB. £270 plus vat.

  4. We always need printed T shirts.

  5. We always need to print quality posters for events and get letter headed paper printed.

  6. A Scottoiler. Scottoiler V Systems supplied on 14/3/13 by Craig of Scottoiler (Scotland) Ltd.

  7. A Tom Tom motorcycle Sat Nav system (The old one got wet and the screen is missing some detail). Scottoiler (Scotland) Ltd.
  8. We need to get more yellow charity collecting flasks and charity buckets in yellow. Supplied by Kim Cogan 

  9. A printer and ink for making posters. Supplied by CMYK.co.uk.

  10. Promotional stickers for the bike and events.

  11. New banners for the trust for promotion at events.

  12. Balloons blue pink and yellow with a bottle of Helium gas.