What Did Kirsty Do?

During Kirsty's short life she was always helping kids by fundraising. At the age of 5 years she took part in a sponsored bounce. The average rate of bounces for the kids was around 30, Kirsty... well she made 80.

Kirsty was always asked what she wanted to do when she grew up her reply was always the same, "to help kids".

At the age of 14 Kirsty had already been instrumental in raising hundreds of pounds for charity.

Kirsty traveled to Banavie School to help as a classroom assistant for the special needs kids she loved them and adored helping.

One child being disruptive due to his special needs required several extra helpers, but not when Kirsty arrived, small as she was, Kirsty being the smallest wee lass in her class, had a way of making her presence felt as soon as she entered any room.

Kirsty soon had the measure of the disruptive lad who had limited speech and mobility. "shut up your just the same as everyone else here and your spoiling it for everyone". The lad never became disruptive again in Kirsty's presence and they formed a special bond.

Kirsty treated everyone as equal.



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