What Have We Done?

Since the opening of the Trust we have become a registered National Charity. kirsty's Brother hands a cheque for £3,600 to CHAS.

We have raised thousands of pounds assisting the work of organisations, by providing much needed wish list items. These items are things that the organisations cannot fund by their normal means and KirstysKids assist them to enhance the care provided.

Every single penny donated has provided this support no a percentage of the cash donated.

Why can we do this? Because all staff are unpaid volunteers who rely on personal income to pay for their traveling and fundraising expenses.

We rely on sponsors. For further information please visit our sponsors page.

To see how you can help we have a wish list page.


24 June 2013

Hi John,

I'm sending snail mail a pendrive with photos and a video clip of children using the skoog instruments we bought with your very generous donation. ( www.skoogmusic.com  )

The video shows a young man from my class who has difficulties with concentration and communication working with me to not only explore the instrument but asking me to change the sounds he is making by responding to requests to choose and initiating communication. This looks like quite a simple exchange but had never done anything like this before (and possibly may never have happened without this instrument).

Looking forward to tracking you and Eeyore on your travels this summer!

Best of luck