Our Fundraising Supporters 2011


26th November 2011

9 totally mad people age range from 11years old to 49 years old (goes to show you cant blame this on senility alone!!) are doing a sponsored walk for Kirsty's Kids - DONT THEY KNOW IT WILL BE COLD?????? - over the Morvern Hills around 11 miles over all the peaks. Both lads and lasses.

Smartie tubes are still being filled - come on everyone save all your 20p pieces in a tube or in a jar.

Tina is continuing her Come Dine With Me nights in Fort William so if you fancy a good meal with
good company please join her. To date Tina has raised enough cash with mum Jan to get a child with very short life expectancy on a weeks adventure with Over The Wall.

We now have an events display trailer which will be sign wrapped by Allroundsigns in Kirstyskids.org logos it will be available for fund raising events.

25th November 2011

MAD MCC are having a quiz night (near Oban will find the address). Please go along either to join in or support those who are going to try and knock together a few brain cells and come up with some answers.

September 2011

Coffee morning by Ann Printer in Ayr.

August 2011

The 3 Amegos Motor Cycle club in Wales raised funds at a welcome party for Eeyore and John. John still talks about how it is such an amazing thing to be met by bikers from the Welsh Blue Knights II and the 3 Amegos bike club. Who had arranged a huge gathering of bikers and a massive fist full of dollars. He was over-welmed by the support and hospitality.